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Title Agency of New Jersey, Inc was incorporated on October 21st, 1987. We are a full-service agent for Chicago Title Insurance Company and Stewart Title. Although the company is based in Clifton, New Jersey, it is authorized and issues Title Insurance Policies throughout the State of New Jersey.

Our Company maintains a staff of six full-time employees, all of whom are licensed Title Insurance Producers. The combined experience of the six licensees totals 100 years and brings to the company varied experience in the industry.

If you need a company with expertise, years of varied experience and a caring attitude in the service of its clients, then call on and rely on Title Agency of New Jersey, Inc. We promise to service your Title Insurance order promptly, accurately and efficiently.

Our Team

David Santosuosso

David was a Title Searcher for 15 years before starting the company in 1987.  He is a licensed Title Producer and has watched the company grow from a two person office to what it is today.  He brings to the company extensive valuable experience in the area of Title Searching.
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Patrick Santosuosso

Having been a Full-Time employee and holder of a Title Insurance Producer license since 1999.
Patrick is responsible for examining searches and surveys in the preparation of Title Commitments.
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Lourdes Santosuosso

Lourdes is a licensed Title Producer with over 20 years experience in the business. She is responsible for coordinating and conducting settlements as well as post-closing matters.
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Phyllis Santosuosso

Phyllis is the company’s Sales Representative.  She is responsible for the acquisition of new business as well as servicing the needs of the company’s present clients.
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Maryann Cisternino

Maryann is an experienced licensed Title Producer, responsible for new title applications, issuing commitments and conducting closings.
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Brian Hochstaedt

Brian is a licensed Title Producer, responsible for coordinating and conducting settlements.
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Most lenders or brokers will recommend a title insurance company, but the final choice is up to you.

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